Romanticism? We're sure it reminds you of an adjective to describe a romantic rendezvous for example. However, the term romanticism was originally an artistic and literary movement that appeared in the 19th century in the Occident. Romanticism is a way of life, it is the expression of feelings... The cultural movement symbolises the expression of one's "own" person and deals with themes such as nature and love.

This is how our restaurant was inspired. Its name, Le Bayadère, is taken from the famous romantic ballet choreographed by Marius Petipa, whose melodramatic scenario tells the thwarted loves of the warrior Solor and the dancer Nikiya. It was later brought up to date by Rudolf Nureyev and presented at the sumptuous Opéra de Paris.

We invite you to take a journey into a whirlwind of emotions during a meal... Enchanted by our dishes and cocktails, you will live a timeless experience in an elegant and modern setting. Romanticism is for us love; love of service, love of detail, love of fine products!


We would like to share our romantic inspirations with you: literature, painting, sculpture; there is something for everyone!

To begin with, you may have noticed that our restaurant was inspired by Henri Matisse's works about Dance. The decoration is very curved and delicate, reminiscent of romantic symbols such as an ode to life, passion or even contemplation.

A literary masterpiece, Les Fleurs du Mal by Baudelaire is a romantic novel symbolising the impulse and confession of emotions. Baudelaire wrote in his work: "These oaths, these perfumes, these infinite kisses, - Will they be reborn from an abyss forbidden to our probes, - How the suns rise to the sky, rejuvenated - After having washed themselves at the bottom of the deep seas? - O oaths! O perfumes! O infinite kisses! »

As you will have understood, romantic works are aspirations to travel in people’s own emotions. They inspire us on a daily basis. And you, will you be seduced by romanticism?